What the hell is a Glaikit?

Back when I was first starting out on my own as a freelancer, I needed a name. Especially as a Circus performer; people kind of expect a fancy show name. “Matt’s Circus” wasn’t quite right, so I went about looking for a better name. Preferably a name that no one had the domain for.

My mum likes to say that I look gormless when I’m performing (thanks mum) and my Scottish granny uses an old Scottish word - she calls me “Glaikit looking”

Yes - Glaikit means foolish. What a perfect name for a self-employed clown.

I looked for glaikitcircus.co.uk and was amazed that it wasn’t taken. Even more amazing was that glaikit.co.uk wasn’t taken, perfect for use when I wanted to move away from the circus stuff.

The name just kind of stuck after that.