Updating My WordPress Plugin

My last post was about creating a plugin to show the hidden extra info attached to WooCommerce orders by the Stripe Payment Gateway. It’s been almost 2 years since then and it’s time to update a few things.

Turns out that the Stripe Payment Gateway has been updated and changes the order meta name from Stripe Fee and Net Revenue From Stripe to (a much more WP friendly) _stripe_fee and _stripe_net. It also adds another meta field called _stripe_currency that I haven’t investigated yet. I’m really glad to hear this and the latest version also adds the new fields to the individual order view.

However, all of the legacy orders are left invisible and there’s still no way to view the fees or net totals on the Order listing pages. So my little plugin is still of some use. It just needed a bit of work to list both the old and new meta fields as required.

Show Net Revenue from WooCommerce Stripe Gateway v1.1 is now available! Woo!

There is one issue that I’ll have to revisit when I have time: ordering by the Fee or Net column. WP_Query won’t allow ordering by 2 meta keys at the same time - or none that I could find at least. The best fix for now is to just orderby the Order’s total (what the customer paid) to get everything in the roughly the right place.

Finally, I had forgotten quite how much SVN is a git to use. LOL

EDIT: I’ve just discovered a companion plugin to this. WooCommerce Stripe fee in Report might be useful to anyone interested in charting the Stripe fees.